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Clear Bra is an invisible layer of film designed to protect the paint of any car, truck, motorcycle, or RV against the harsh effects of the road in chips caused by general road debris, insect splatters, tree sap, and scratches or general abrasions.

Invisible Protection

The clear bra car wrap remains invisible to the naked eye which allows your car’s original aesthetic to shine through without being affected by the color of the wrap. Your vehicle’s paint finish is permanently at risk from very simple and very common debris and substances. Any little pebbles, rocks, sand, excess dirt, acid from insects, that you can find just about anywhere on the road are constantly eating away at one of the biggest investments in your life.

Clear Bra paint protection film offers to prevent the wear and tear on the paint of your car and keep it looking just as it did the day you rolled it off the lot.

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Why Do I Have to Get a Clear Bra?

  • Our essentially invisible film prevents wear on your paint finish to keep it looking fantastic.
  • It will significantly reduce paint chips and damage from bugs out on the road.
  • Boosts your vehicle’s trade in value because your car will remain in mint condition.
  • Your car is one of the most valuable items in your possession. If you have one, chances are that you get a lot of use out of it. Honestly, no one wants the arduous day-to-day commute with public transportation when you have the option of using your comfortable, personal vehicle.

This film has provided protection and preservation to some of the most exquisite and finest vehicles in the world; it was originally made to protect the blades of military helicopters.

Thanks to the progression of technology, in the modern day these films are now available to the general public at reasonable prices.

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